Application Tables

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Property ApplicationStateSolventCon-centrateApplication pHPassivationCorrosion InhibitorStabilizationCorrosion RemovingSepa-rationImmersionSprayingPaint BrushRoller CoatingWashing MachineBio-degradabilityNotice
131-1Rust StabilizerLiquidWaterNo<7Water Dispersion
131-3Anticorrosion PaintLiquidWaterNo<7Water Dispersion
141; 145Degreasing and PreservationLiquidOrganicsNoNA3 types with different effective time
201; 205Metals PreservationLiquidOrganicsNoNAPreservation oils, 201 for ferrous metals, 205 for non-ferrous metals
211-2Passivator with Corrosion InhibitorLiquidWaterYes>7Passivation and anticorrosion treatment of ferrous metals
255-1 till 255-5Copper PatinaLiquidWaterNopH by a type, color copper compounds
311-3Corrosion Inhibitor with PassivatorLiquidWaterYes>7for washing and for final anticorrosion treatment
312-5 and 312-6Heat Exchange LiquidLiquidWaterYes>7Close circuits
401; 405Degreasing and PreservationLiquidOrganicsNoNAMultifunctional oil
401-1Lubricant for Moving PartsLiquidOrganicsNoNABicycle chains
401-3Lubricant for High-Speed PartsLiquidOrganicsNoNAMotorcycle chains
501; 505VCI/VPCIPowderNAYes>7Anticorrosion additive or separately
551; 555Corrosion InhibitorPowderNAYes>7Anticorrosion additive
702Degreasing and Washing LiquidLiquidOrganicsNoNAEffective washing and degreasing without anticorrosion treatment
711-1System CleanerLiquidWaterYes>7For internal cleaning, degreasing and disinfection of machine tools
745-1Patina RemoverLiquidWaterNo>7For copper alloys
 752-2Descaler for Hygienic SpacesLiquidWaterYes<7 •Descaler with washing and disinfectant effect
752-3Agent for Final WashingLiquidWaterYes>7For the broad scale of materials, dirt, and impurities
761-1Degreasing, WashingLiquidWaterYes>7For washing machines and ferrous metals
761-3Degreasing, WashingLiquidWaterYes>7For washing of stainless-steel
761-7Degreasing, WashingLiquidWaterYes>7 •For extremely dirty surfaces, without anticorrosion treatment
762-1Degreasing, WashingLiquidWaterYes>7For industrial and ultrasonic washing machines
762-2Degreasing, WashingLiquidWaterYes>7Washing of polymers and disinfectant
762-6Insect RemoverLiquidWaterYes>7For sprays and mechanical sprayers
762-7Degreasing, WashingLiquidWaterYes>7For hand washing and degreasing
792-7Cockpit Cleaner AeroLiquidOrganicsNoNAFor treatment and cleaning of airplanes, boats and cars
792-9Nano Cleaner and Polish for PolymersLiquidOrganicsNoNAFor floating floors and laminate boards, for furniture, protection against dirt
792-10Breaks CleanerLiquidOrganicsNoNAFor cleaning all brake system components
892-6Welding SeparatorLiquidWaterNo>7Biodegradable and water washable
972-BlueNano Hydrophobic AgentLiquidWaterNo>7For protection and hydrophobic treatment of mechanically non-stressed surfaces
972-GreenNano Hydrophobic AgentLiquidWaterNo>7For protection and hydrophobic treatment of mechanically stressed surfaces, especially flexible surfaces
972-2PNano Hydrophobic AgentLiquidWaterNo>7For protection and hydrophobic treatment of mechanically stressed surfaces, especially hard floor coverings
972-2KNano Hydrophobic AgentLiquidWaterNo>7For protection and hydrophobic treatment of mechanically stressed surfaces, especially ceramics
992-1Rodent RepellentLiquidWaterYesTo protect surfaces and objects from rodents
AL-6060Aluminum PassivatorLiquidWaterYes<7At the same time neutralizing after alkaline detergents
FE-2600Zinc and Steel PassivatorLiquidWaterYes>7Simultaneously washing agent
ProcessWashing and DegreasingWashing, Degreasing, and PreservationPreservationRust and Patina RemovingHeat Exchange CircuitsRust StabilizationAnticorrosion TreatmentSeparationNanoSpecial Applications













Water SystemsVCI/VPCIPassivationWeldingHydrophobic and Antisoiling Treatment



Iron and Steel761-1;761-2761-3761-5711-1141; 311-2; 401401-1401-3201; 311-3; 401-4251-1



131-1131-3551501FE-2600829-6972-1 Blue; 972-2 Green; 972-2P; 972-2K; 792-9401-1401-3711-1; 892-1
Non-ferrous Metals762-1762-5145; 405205; 315-3311-3; 765-1;745-1








972-1 Blue; 792-9255-1255-5
Mixture of Non-ferrous Metals with Ferrous Metals762-1762-5RL-528145; 405; 311-2; 311-3205; 311-3



312-1; 315-2








 972-1 Blue; 972-2 Green; 792-9






















 972-1 Blue; 972-2 Green; 972-2P; 972-2K; 792-9

751-1; 792-7792-8792-9
Polymers, Glass, and Ceramics





















972-1 Blue; 972-2 Green; 972-2P; 972-2K; 792-9 


752-2; 762-4; 762-6

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