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Organic Products for Washing, Degreasing and Preservation of Metals

Water Based Products for Washing, Degreasing and Preservation of Metals
(for hand washing, for discontinuous and tunnel and ultrasonic washing machines).

Vapor and Contact-vapor Corrosion Inhibitors (VCI, VPCI) for use in the Final Corrosion Protection Products


Welding Separators

Industrial Antifreeze Fluids

Products for Home Care
(auto-moto, tools, household hygiene)

Products for Inter Operative and Long-term Expedition Corrosion Protection

Protection of Corroded Structures

Products for Museum Preservation of Collection Items

For the purposes of museum preservation, a variety of industrial means can also be used. For example: KORING 201, KORING 131-1, KORING 131-3, KORING 311-3, and a range of detergents, etc. Only the means specifically designed for this area are listed below.

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