Industrial Chemicals
and Anticorrosive Products


Industrial Chemicals
and Anticorrosive Products


Industrial Chemicals
and Anticorrosive Products


1. Organic Materials for Washing and Preservation

Organic products for washing, degreasing and corrosion protection in one step at the same time.

2. Chemical Agents for Washing and Preservation

Water-based cleaning products for washing, degreasing and corrosion protection. For industrial washing machines and manual applications.

3. Vapor Corrosion Inhibitors (VCI, VPCI)

Additives for products intended to have final anticorrosive properties. Additives and preservatives to the canning baths. For the direct product protection.

4. Welding Processes

Separators for welding with corrosion protection.

5. Antifreeze Liquids

Heat exchangeable anti corrosive liquids for industrial circuits, equipment and machines with cooling circuit.

6. Home Usage

The wide range of washing, cleaning, lubricants, anti corrosive and protective agents, including different surface treatments.

7. Expedition and Shipment Protection

Agents for long-term corrosion protection, including overseas transport and tropical conditions.

8. Steel Constructions

Agents for protection, preservation and recovery of corroded constructions, masts, bridges etc.

9. Museum Preservation of Collectibles

A range of specialized chemical means for museum preservation of metal objects.


Technology Consulting

Company KORCHEM s.r.o. gives consultations for technological and production problems to a metalworking industry, and to a chemistry. From the very beginning of processes, raw materials, separate technological production steps, till shipping. This service includes proposals for control mechanisms.

Anticorrosion Treatment

Company KORCHEM s.r.o. gives proposals and it realizes consultations for anticorrosion treatment of metal products and theirs production processes; including water processes. It makes corrosion tests of treatments and materials in the condensation chamber.

Custom R&D

Company KORCHEM s.r.o. realizes custom research and development especially in the areas: Corrosion protection, washing and degreasing processes, nano materials, and museum conservation/protection processes.

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